Der Arzt Dr. med. Hasmukh Bhate
Dr. med. Hasmukh
Chefarzt ( 1978 - 2007 ) a. D.
Krankenhaus Simmerath/Eifel
Facharzt für Anästhesie, Intensivmedizin,
Hömöopathie und Schmerztherapie
Meine Bücher
Aus dem Traum in die Wirklichkeit
Aus Liebe
Bildband Eifel, fotografiert von Jutta Bhate
My Dream VS. Reality, auch als e-book erhältlich


Short description

Dr Hasmukh Bhate was 19 years old when he left India to come to Germany. After completing his medical studies, he took up work as a doctor in Simmerath where he set up its first department of anaesthesiology and intensive care. His biography is not an ordinary one.

It is marked by blows of fate and, even more so, by living between two worlds. This is like a balancing act which can destroy a person or lure them into uncritically adapting to a new way of life. In his writings, Hasmukh Bhate describes in a convincing way how he can feel at home in Germany while at the same time not forgetting his Indian roots.

Also as eBook available.

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My Dream VS. Reality
My life between India and Germany

19.12.2011 Theodor-Heuss-Schule Pinneberg Book Reading on 07 th January 2015 in Singapore in the Office of Mercator- Shipping Lines

Invited by Mr. Shalabh Mittal Managing Director & CEO ( Mercator Lines)

We are pleased to have Dr Hasmukh Bhat amidst us who will be sharing about his life journey and experiences today. Dr.Hasmukh moved and settled in Germany setting up its first department of Anaesthesiology and Intensivcare in the small city of Simmerath specialising in anaesthesiology, intensivcare, pain relief and emergency medicine. In 1978, he went on to became the chief Anaesthetist and Head of Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensivcare at the 228 bedded hospital. Dr Hasmukh believed that one does „not“ need to be very famous to write an autobiography and has since written 2 biographies - his own and his Wife`S, and he has also captured his wifes passion in photography in a book. He has done numerous book readings in schools and national libraries acroos Germany.
Dr. Hasmukh has written reasearch papers in verious anaesthesiology journals and has organised 6 anaesthesia conferences. He was President of Lions Club Monschau in 2005-2006. Since last 20 years he is supporting a Deaf & Dumb School in his birthtown Barsi and Karamala Maharashtra.
Dr Hasmukh was invited to be honoured with Bharat Ratna 8 years ago which he gracefully declined due to family matters and of course, he was not convinced with the thought of paying to receive award.
Though Dr Hasmukh has been very successful professionally, personally he has faced a lot of hardships and grief beyond imagination. Yet he survives with a smile and takes efforts to spread learnings through his experiences. I hand over the floor to Dr Hasmukh to share with us a few snippets from his book-„ My Dreams vs Reality“, a true reflection of his commitment and perseverance.

Amita Manu
Mercator Lines

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19.12.2011 Marion Dönhoff Gymnasium, Hamburg
07.01.2015 Singapore in the Office of Mercator- Shipping Lines