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Dr. Hasmukh
Facharzt für Anästhesie, Intensivmedizin, Homöopathie und Schmerztherapie
Dr. Bhate looks after the deaf and dumb schools in Barsi and Karmala in India

Deaf-mute school in Barsi/India

Deaf and dumb school in Barsi/India

The deaf and dumb school in Barsi was founded about 25 years ago. The bearer is the Indian Red Cross which she maintains from the base. Besides there were state subsidies for 65 children. This does not reach of course in front and behind, and thus the school is dependent extensively on donations.

The catchment area applies more than 150 km in the environs. The children come – from the age of 4 years – from the surrounding villages and are recommended mostly by her treating doctor.

School boarding school and building were rented till 2004. About 127 schoolboys visited regularly the school, 117 of them lived in the boarding school. For all schoolboys 14 teachers and 18 other employees were responsible. The living space and school rooms were very poor, the hygienic relations pathetically, the life of teachers like children poorly.
In 2005 the deaf and dumb person's school moved in a new building in Barsi. This stood on a property which had made available the town.

Today the children learn here tinkering, to times, woodwork and art-craft activities. Also sport, dance and play belong to the curriculum. At least they are enabled to talk later to auxiliary works independently and to earn money.

However, there were no however acoustic hearing aids, linguistic trainers, computers and fitments. Also a canteen should be built.

After I had introduced in 2004 to our Lions club in a talk of information the school and had reported about the projects, the club made available a bigger sum. After an examination by the LCIF (Lions club International foundation) in the USA the Americans added the same sum, so that, finally, a sum of 22,200.00 USD was available.

Finally, after overcoming many bureaucratic hurdles the project was realised. By the inauguration in the 2/5/2007 I was present as a Past-president.