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Dr. Hasmukh
Facharzt für Anästhesie, Intensivmedizin, Homöopathie und Schmerztherapie

Birthday party

After the heavy traffic accident and evil illness of my woman we were accompanied by relatives, friends, friends, employees and colleagues and a piece was far carried. We felt for it deep gratitude.
That's why – and because I felt the accident day as the second birthday of my woman – we invited to a big "birthday party". We connected this celebration with a concert of Classical-Indian music. It played Stephanie Bosch from Bonn, Partho Sarothy from Kalkuta and Arup Sengupta from Aachen.

Go please to the connection which is given below to look at the report on the event.


Donation for Indian street children

Thanks speech of my woman 8/29/2009:

I know that I am privileged in some areas and suffer, so to speak, at high level. To me is aware that numerous people enjoy less or no assistance, support and support. Therefore, I wanted no presents, but a financial contribution to an auxiliary project for Indian street children. (For Andheri help Bonn)

About that you find information in the newspaper beside the black hat. In one, from themselves formed and performed, play these children call to her audience: „Nevertheless, our life and our problems interest to You a shit mud.“ I believe, this is honest and dreadful. And I say myself: A lot I do not act, but at least a little. And this is better, in any case, than nothing. Thanks in the name of the children for your present to them.

Today you experience a concert more classically of Indian music which will be foreign to many of You. We do not expect unrestrained enthusiasm from all. An Indian would be as a rule without foreknowledge also not there and away from Beethoven, Bach or ecclesiastical music. Nevertheless, we think that it is worthwhile to listen sometimes to such music with the instruments flute, Sarod and Tabla. Maybe the first getting to know and musical sniffing. Who feels of it appealed, then can find out still further.

I myself feel the music as very meditative and reassuring and can listen to her for hours. For me she reflects a non-linear attitude to life and thinking which makes rather the circular movement and spiral movement perceptible than just from a starting point to a terminator point striving line.